Product Description:

    Magniflex MagniGel - Magnigel is the result of Magniflex technological research but it is also the result of an insatiable desire to improve with the sensitivity of those who love rest above all else. The Problem with standard Memory Foam Products is the excess of body temperature during sleep. This in turn makes us uncomfortable so that we toss and turn during sleep. The Solution is a material capable of dissipating our body heat and providing a feeling of freshness. This solution is called Magnigel. Magnigel is the evolution of polyurethane foams: fresh, anatomical and breathable. Polyurethane is a material known for its insulating capacity. Starting with these characteristics Magniflex has created a high-density gel that ensures support and an unparalleled feeling of freshness. Magnigel has a structure that facilitates the flow of air and allows the body to dissipate heat in a natural way. Thanks to Magnigel the body and head are kept at the ideal temperature for a good night's sleep, ensuring that constant comfort is the best guarantee for a sleep that is really restorative. The benefits of sleep at non-excessive temperatures have been demonstrated in a series of studies conducted by Magniflex in collaboration with the University of Florence. All MagiGel Products are 100% Designed and Produced in Italy.