Magniflex Dolce Vita Dual Comfort 12"


The Dual Deluxe 12” - part of the Dolce Vita collection - features an 'Outlast' fabric cover that ensures excellent body temperature regulation... something we all want at 3 am! 

Six layers of padding & fibre: 

Elioform layer for spinal support 

An extra Eliosoft layer for soft support 

Memo form layer for extra comfort 

Super soft Eden fibre layer for plushness 

Memo form padding for resiliency 

Soft, absorbent, and anti-static removable viscose cover 

The dual-core design gives the user the option of different support levels by merely flipping one of the internal cores.. 

Each mattress offers the highest eco-friendly standards backed by European certifications, including an Oeko Tex certification, which acknowledges the absence of substances that are toxic or harmful to humans and the environment. 

Magniflex offers a 20-year limited warranty on all of their mattresses. 

The average person spends over 200,000 hours in one lifetime sleeping on a mattress (more time than you spend in a car!). This is an important purchase. The best way to choose the mattress that suits your sleeping style best? Come in for a test drive: take off your shoes, lie down, and experience the comfort that Magniflex beds offer. 
Made in Italy since 1964 (Tuscany to be exact) 

Cover in Natural Viscose & Outlast 

1" Memo form (memory foam) 

1/2" Hypoallergenic Fiber 

2" Memo form (memory foam) 

61/2Elioform (firm support foam) 


Height 10''
Cover Outlast®, Viscose
Warranty 20 years
Certifications OEKO, MADE IN ITALY
Level of comfort Medium-firm, Firm
Flame retardant certification CFR1633
Internal structure Memo form, Magnifoam Elioform
Collection Dolce Vita
Benefits Thermoregulating, Breathable, Embracing
Support Medium
Extra Dual-core Plate