Natura Organic Crib Mattress


Natura Organic Crib Mattress

Cultivate lifelong, healthy sleep with the customizable Organic II Crib Mattress. Safer, more nourishing sleep is encouraged with certified organic ingredients.

Sweet and natural as a lullaby, the Organic II Crib Mattress protects your baby with certified organic goodness, guaranteed free of harmful chemicals and off-gassing. Safe-guard your newborn’s spinal health with this 100% natural crib mattress that is made with coconut coir on one side and soothe your busy toddler with conforming all-natural latex on the other. A certified organic Cry Less Wool™ lining woven under the certified organic cotton ticking creates a fresh, allergen-free and temperature controlled sleep environment. This mattress has a cozy, slip-off cover for easy freshening.


  • Guarantee a sleep environment free from chemicals, toxins and dyes
  • Cushion baby’s developing spine with the healthy support of all-natural latex
  • Provide a hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and temperature regulated sleep environment
  • Maintain hygiene with easily removable cover. May be hand washed or replaced if desired


  • Cover: Certified 100% Organic cotton ticking, 10 oz/yd2 organic Cry Less Wool™ lining
  • Core: 2″ all-natural latex, 2″ natural coconut coir
  • Dimensions - 28" x 52" x 4.5" / 71 x 132 x 11.5 cm