Natura Classic Crib Set – 4 Piece


Classic Crib Set – 4 Piece

Create the nursery you’ve dreamed of with a 4 Piece All-Natural Classic Crib Set. Pure and natural, safeguard baby’s health and naturally encourage sleep.

Your baby deserves the luxurious health and comfort offered by the All-Natural Classic 4 Piece Crib Set. This all-natural bedding collection furnishes an allergen and irritant-free sleep environment, courtesy generous helpings of natural cotton and wool. While pure Cry Less Wool™ wicks away moisture that can cause overheating, 100% unbleached, cotton percale keeps bedding breathable and fresh. Baby will sleep soundly in this comforting, health-conscious all-natural crib set.


Classic 4-Piece Crib Set  

  • Wool-filled comforter
  • Wool-filled bumper pad
  • 100% organic crib sheet
  • 100% organic crib skirt