• Metro Cabinet Bed Premium Model.Made in Canada

    C$4,999.00 C$3,799.00

    Metro Cabinet bed

    The Metro Cabinet Bed is a classic-looking wood cabinet bed that will have an overnight guests in disbelief when they see what the unit is capable of. Featuring a variety of finishes, the piece will fit seamlessly among a wide selection of interior styles while complementing a number of different tastes. Completely indistinguishable from a lounge bar or entertainment unit, there is no end to where the Metro Cabinet bed might comfortably fit in your home. Strong construction and a robust surface allow the unit to be employed in a number of ways throughout your living space. It will easily support a large-sized television or serve as a perfect accent to a spare room or den. There is no doubt that such an inventive design can open up space while adding a distinctive touch of style and décor. 
    Includes a 6 inch, high-density foam mattress, other mattresses available.