This year Magniflex, the premium mattress brand launched its updated Maestro collection. These mattresses offer the ultimate in comfort, craftsmanship and innovation.

Time-tested techniques have seamlessly been integrated with modern materials and technology to create a mattress so comfortable and luxurious, that it is a true masterpiece in its own right. 

All-Season Comfort 

Maestro mattresses have Dual Core Technology and are built to provide medium to soft support for all-year-round comfort. The mattress has the winter side which has merino wool that provides warmth and coziness in the colder months. The summer side is made with linen and silk and provides perfect coolness during the summertime. The mattress cover is made of shiny viscose and has luxurious motifs. 

Memory Foam For Ultimate Comfort 

The key feature of the Maestro mattress is the Memofoam that helps relieve pressure points in the body and provides perfect support to your spine. The mattress also has high-density foam, Aquabreeze that ensures durability, guarantees enhanced breathability and promotes efficient airflow. The end result is a product that’s soothing, calming and luxurious to the core. The Maestro mattress is built to last and the edges have reinforced foam rails that provide structure and support to the mattress. 

Magniflex has a noteworthy history. The brand was established in Florence, in a very small workshop. Today, it is the largest and most renowned Italian mattress company with distribution centers in 98 countries. The Maestro brand is truly a class apart and a classic example of the Magniflex innovation and expertise. 

Winter side padding in Wool and Cashmere

Padding in hypoallergenic fibre

Padding in Memoform 2 cm

Board boxed on 4 sides 5 cm

Mallow Foam 3 cm

Memoform 3 cm

Elioform 17 cm

Aquabreeze 3 cm

Padding in Memoform 2 cm

Padding in hypoallergenic fibre

Cool Summer side padding in Linen and Silk