• Inari Rubber Topper



    The Inari Organic Rubber Topper is made from two inches of soft organic rubber covered with our knitted organic cotton fabric

    .Organic rubber is a renewable resource. The highest quality rubber comes from milk or sap tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis, grown on Sri Lankan plantations. Our supplier specializes in fine quality rubber for mattress use. It is an extremely durable, elastic material characterized by its ability to retain its shape and firmness for a long period of time.

    Rubber milk, much like cow’s milk, cannot be left sitting outside in hot temperatures. So, we process the Hevea milk near the plantation to eliminate any rubber destabilization. The milk is harvested in the morning and delivered to the processing facility within hours. It is molded into sheets shortly after. This sequence eliminates the need for chemical stabilizers, and ensures our rubber cores are as pure as they can be. They are then shipped to Canada and received at our Sleeptek manufacturing facility.


    Durable and elastic

    Retains shape and firmness

    Excellent heat and moisture regulation

    Resists dust-mites naturally

    Relieves pressure