• Zephyr Memory Foam Mattress

    C$1,499.00 C$1,299.00


    Instantaneous Comfort—and Perfect Balance 

    The Zephyr features a top layer of eco-friendly, high-density hybrid ZX foam created by Zedbed. Known throughout the market for its superior performance, the foam used in ZX series mattresses always returns instantly to its original shape, giving it an edge over regular memory foam. ZX foam is considered a hybrid because it's perfectly balanced between a typical latex and memory foam.Acclaimed for its cushiony softness and the glove-like way its foam conforms to body contours, our ZX Series lets users immediately enjoy the benefit of diminished physical pressure points. Unlike the majority of memory foams, high-density ZX isn't made solely from hydrocarbons, but contains soybean oil, a renewable resource. What's more, ZX is hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. So you can enjoy the supersoftnessand myriad advantages of this innovative foam and awaken refreshed, ready for a great day!